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Listing Plans

As site owner ( administrator ) you can add how many listing plan post you want, they will be listed under Listing Plans admin menu.

Plan Options

Each plan post has ability to set its values:

1 – Availability listing types ( types of listing author can submit listings to. Listing Types builder will be introduced in detail at the section bellow )

2 – Plan price. The plan is free if has 0 value in price option field.

3 – Duration which author subscription will be expired and have no longer ability to submit listing. There is also option to set plan never expired.

4 – Listing submission limit ( number of listings author can submit )

5 – Recurring plan

6 – Author fee. Percentage of commission, author must pay you (site owner) for each listing booking. This will be used to calculate author earning.

7 – Plan trial period

8 – Stripe plan for recurring plan for Stripe payment.

Adding Plans to page

You have to edit page with Elementor page builder, search for Membersip Plans or Membership Plans – Woo  element to adding plans to page and allow users buy your plans.

There are many option on on the element for selecting plans to show or not, plans layout.

Membership Plans – Woo element allow users buy plan via WooCommerce payment. When user add plan to WooCommerce cart, they are not able to add other products to the cart. And have to complete order before buying other products.

Note: There are limited WooCommerce payment methods for recurring plan.

Checkt out our demo page for more details: Pricing Tables page

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