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Listing Products

From version 2, CityBook theme provide ability to add products to listing. The products are also bookable. Ex: rooms in hotel, tables in restaurant or even WooCommerce products …

Product Types

There are two types of listing products

  1. Default type – Listing Rooms
  2. WooCommerce product
Listing Rooms

You are able to set listing products type from listing type editing screen -> General tab

Child products field

You have to use Listing Rooms field to allow listing author add products to their listing.

You are also able to set max child products

Adding child products

And then click to Add Room + button will go to add child product page.

Add child product page

Fields on the page are configurable from listing type editing screen -> Fields tab -> Room sub-tab

Submit product

When child product page is submitted, listing author will go back to listing submit page. The product data is stored in listing post data too.

Finally, when listing page is submitted, listing post is added along with child product posts. Child product posts are added to Listing Rooms screen or WooCommerce Products depending on product type selected in the option above

Get child products

In listing type editing screen -> Single tab -> Listing sub-tab, select Rooms element to display its child products to single listing page

In listing type editing screen -> Single tab -> Room sub-tab, select elements for showing content in single listing product page.

This is how products are showing on single listing page

The card info is configurable from listing type editing screen -> Cards tab -> Room sub-tab

And this is how single product page showing on listing page

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