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General Settings

General Options:
1. Bubble Animation: If you don’t like the Bubble Animation on banner, just need to check to this box to remove it.
2. Use 24-hour format: This format will be applied to Single Listing:


Currency Options

Currency : Choose the default currency for the store. Only one may be selected.
Currency position : Choose the default currency position for prices: Left, Right, Left/Right with space .
Thousand separator : Choose the symbol to use for the thousand separator: 1,000 or 1.000 .
Decimal separator : Choose the symbol to use for the decimal separator: 100.00 or 100,00.
Number of decimals : Choose how many numbers to display to the right of the decimal when displaying prices: 100.00 or 100.

Taxes Options

VAT Tax :  Enter number vat tax you want to apply for your listing. Now all listing have same tax. And VAT tax percent. Default: 10%

Listing Pages – Important

Submit Listing Page : This is Functional page, the page will be used to display listing submission. The page content should contain [listing_submit_page] shortcode.
Edit Listing Page : The page will be used to edit listing. The page content should contain [listing_edit_page] shortcode.
Listing Author Dashboard Page :  The page will be used for listing author dashboard. The page content should contain [listing_dashboard_page] shortcode.
Listing Checkout Page : The page will be used for Membership/Listing checkout. The page content should contain [listing_checkout_page] shortcode.

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