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Widget Settings

Navigate to Settings > CityBook Add-ons > Widgets, there are 3 parts need to be focus:

Mailchimp Section:

Mailchimp API key: You can follow this guide to create ourself API key
Mailchimp List ID: Follow this guide to get your ID
Subscribe Shortcode: Use the [citybook_subscribe] shortcode to display subscribe form inside a post, page or text widget.
Available Variables:
message (Optional) – The message above subscription form.
placeholder (Optional) – The form placeholder text.
button (Optional) – The submit button text.
list_id (Optional) – List ID. If you want user subscribe to a different list from the option above.
class (Optional) – Your extraclass used to style the form.
Example: [citybook_subscribe list_id="b02fb5f96f" class="your_class_here"]


Twitter Feeds Section

Visit Twitter’s Application Management page, sign in with your account, click on Create a new application and create your own keys if you haven’t one.
Fill all the fields bellow with those keys:
+ Consumer Key
+ Consumer Secret
+ Access Token

Access Token Secret

You can use CityBook Twitter Feed widget or [citybook_tweets] shortcode to display tweets inside a post, page or text widget.
Available Variables:
username (Optional) – Option to load tweets from another account. Leave this empty to load from your own.
list (Optional) – List name to load tweets from. If you define list name you also must define the username of the list owner.
hashtag (Optional) – Option to load tweets with a specific hashtag.
count (Required) – Number of tweets you want to display.
list_ticker (Optional) – Display tweets as a list ticker?. Values: yes or no
follow_url (Optional) – Follow us link.
extraclass (Optional) – Your extraclass used to style the form.

Example: [citybook_tweets count="3" username="CTHthemes" list_ticker="no" extraclass="your_class_here"]


Socials Share

Enter your social share names separated by a comma.
List bellow are available names:

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