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Create Category


2. Create Category for Listing

Navigate to CityBook Listings > Listing Category, you can add new Category manually

This is important option of CityListing, after creating it, you should press to the Edit button to update some important information for them:

  • 1. Available Features: This is feature list for the Category, you can pick it easy on box
  • 2. Additional Features: This option is really good for custom job if you want to use theme for other purposes
  • 3. Content Widgets Order: You can customize the display position of content area in a single listing depending on its category.
    Ex: Car category, you need to arrange the price at the top, detailed information at the bottom ..
    But a single listing of Restaurant is another layout
    This option allows you to customize the layout easily
  • 5. Featured Image: this is category banner that shows on Featured Category, if you don’t set it, your category can’t be shown.


About Custom field, you can try to follow these steps below:
1. Go to Category Listing on CityBook Listing > Listing Category > Edit the Existing category(Ex: Car)
2. Scroll down to Additional Features, this is Custom Field for Single layout of Car.
3. Add new Additional Features with the type you want then save it.

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