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Listing Custom Fields

1 – Add submit field

Edit Listing Type post ( which your listing will be assigned to )

Select listing type - listing will be assigned to
Edit listing type post

To add new listing field on listing submit/edit page go to Fields -> Listing tab

Scroll down to bottom to select custom field type then click Add Field button. Enter field values on the left panel.

If Field Name field doesn’t show, you can get automatically generated field name by using browser inspector window ( data-id attribute value )

2 – Add custom field value to listing page

Go to Single -> Listing tab then add Custom Field element ( under LISTINGS GET FIELD category ) to builder.

Enter your newly added custom field name to Field Name field.

3 – Using custom field on .php code

You can also get the field value from your .php code by using this code

   echo get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), ESB_META_PREFIX.'cus_field_ul9c4gmt9', true );

Don’t forget change cus_field_ul9c4gmt9 text with your field name’s value

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