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Home Pages

You can build Parallax Image, Slideshow Images or Video background section with Hero Section element.

Its content and listing type post id to get hero search form from

Use Hero Section Map and Hero Slider element to build hero map and slider section.

Breadcrumbs element inside a Elementor fullwidth section

Full Width and No Gap section and no-padding value on CSS Classes field

Listings Grid element

Edit its wrapper section element with gray-bg small-padding in CSS Classes field to make it has a gray background and smaller gap at the top and bottom.

Why Choose Our Properties section with Section Title, Feature Box and Image with Quote elements

Explore Best Cities section with Heading elements on the left column and Listing Locations element on the right column.

Meet Our Agents section with Section Title and Agents Slider elements

Facts section with Counter element. Use facts-svg color-bg small-padding value for CSS Classes field of wrapper section element

What Our Clients Say section with Section Title and Testimonials Slider elements

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