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New Update System

Note: You have to update theme/plugin manually for purchase from Envato Elements

From this new version (2.1.0) we provide new update system which allow you update our theme and its add-ons plugin directly from WordPress Themes/Plugins screen.

Update theme

So to use it you have to update CityBook theme to version 2.1.0. And to update theme you have to using Envato Market plugin as mention on this guide. Note: you don’t need doing this after, just go to Appearance -> Themes to update.

Note: Then you don’t need using Envato Marker plugin to update theme anymore.

Add purchase code

Then you need to add your purchase code to verify purchase and get updates.

Note: If you can’t see CTHthemes Update menu, enable if from Appearance -> Customize -> General Options panel.

Update add-on plugins

When you successful update theme to version 2.1.0, there will be update notification on CityBook Add-Ons and CityBook Import Add-On plugins on Plugins admin screen.

Then you just need click to Update now button to get latest version.

And for later, WordPress will notify you when there is newer versions. And you click to the button again.

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