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Dokan marketplace plugin

On version 1.3.8, you can use Dokan marketplace plugin with theme.

Note: you need to change listing dashboard page title to different from Dashboard before installing and activating Dokan plugin. Because the plugin will use that name for its dashboard page.

If you want listing authors to be able to edit their listing product (WooCommerce product) from the Dokan dashboard, you need to select the Vendor for author user role

With that option, the registered author will also be the Dokan vendor. He can submit both listings and Dokan products. His commission rate is the subscription’s author fee

For active/working websites, you need to manually change the user role of authors. Or you can use third-party plugin.

In addition, we have two additional options that allow you to hide or show menus for Dokan dashboard and Dokan products pages. This will make it easier for the author to access the Dokan dashboard from the listing dashboard

Use Home page template for Dokan dashboard page for a better look

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