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App Customization

This is complicated, so please do it at your own risk. We DO NOT provide support for these customizations.

Change app color

You can change color and fonts from /src/constants/Colors.js file.

Change app fonts

Here are the basic steps to change fonts for your application. You can read Ultimate guide to use custom fonts in react native guide on medium.com for more details.

Step 1 : Set Font Naming For Cross Platform

Change font names to match their PostScript name. If you are using True type font (.ttf ) you have to use Full name value.

Step 2 : Add Fonts to Assets

Add all the font files you want to us in /assets/fonts folder

Step 3 : Link assets using react native link

Run the command bellow in terminal/cmd

react-native link

Change CTH Directory logo

Replace logo-120xxx.png file on /src/assets/images/ folder

Change top navigation style

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