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Using included translation files

There are .po and .mo translation files for French, Turkis, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Italian, German languages.

They are bundled in the theme package, under Translations folder

To use the translation, you need to find your language .po and .mo files then copy them to wp-content/languages folder

For theme, copy .po and .mo file from Translations/theme folder to wp-content/languages/themes folder 

Example: you want to use French translation. Find .po and .mo with fr_FR and copy them to wp-content/languages/themes folder 

For plugins, copy .po and .mo file from Translations/townhub-add-ons, townhub-import and townhub-woo-payments folders to wp-content/languages/plugins folder 

Then if you are using Loco Translate plugin, the translations will be showing on Loco Translate -> Themes and Plugins screen menu. Just select the translation and complete it.

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